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To revive the Sacred Sciences of Islamic Law and Theology to create a dynamic Scholarship that serves the Creator and His Creation in a balanced and constructive manner.

The Suyuti Institute offers structured programs in Islamic Law and Theology, taught at designated centers around the globe and online for those who want to study at their own convenience. All of our Courses have been redefined to make them user-friendly and inspiring whilst precipitating the desire to explore further.

In today's world knowledge has become a commodity. It's pursuit revolves around commercial gain and/or the lust for 'power and status'. Paradoxically, the study of the Sacred Sciences have become increasingly unpopular to the extent of extinction in certain parts of the world.

In the main imported Scholars have become out of sync with contemporary challenges in an increasingly complex world. The demographic of such candidates are limited. The increasingly cosmopolitan nature of the global village dictates the need to appreciate diversity and deliver an intellectual lifestyle with a spiritual dimension.

The traditional method of delivering the Sacred Sciences has rendered it out of the reach of many, whilst the absence of its appraisal and evaluation has bred indoctrination rather than sincere scholarship.

In light of this backdrop, 'The Suyuti Institute' was formed in 2002.

The Suyuti Institute has delivered this unprecedented initiativein the hope that once you have been through the contents of this website, your search in locating a vibrant and sustainable platform to acquire the knowledge of the Sacred Sciences would be fulfilled.



The Suyuti Institute offers a range of unprecedented courses that retain the richness and content of traditional learning yet embrace modern and innovative techniques in their delivery. On the one hand traditional subjects have been refined to give them a contemporary context whilst on the other hand new subjects have been introduced, some of which are even on the brink of extinction or have eroded in the academic arena of Islamic Law and Theology.

Each course is designed with the objective of provoking critical evaluation and analysis in the mind of the student. Moreover, the student is invited to embark upon a voyage of discovery into the inner and finer dimensions of each subject.

It is hoped that the graduates of these disciplines will form a life-long relationship with them to aid, procure and counsel the process of their continued evaluation and application in secular society.

At the Suyuti Institute we acknowledge and appreciate the environment and requirements of professional, career focused individuals, who aspire to traditional values at heart but are overwhelmed by a variety of pressures, obligations and liabilities that come with the modern lifestyle. Our courses have been designed with the student in mind.

We provide flexibility, whether you want to attend the course at one of our designated venues; or online, it makes no difference, we still provide you with the same unprecedented course whoever you are…….wherever you are.

We welcome you to join and participate on our courses and experience a journey which will take your understanding to a whole new level by preserving orthodoxy yet embracing modernity.

Let The Suyuti Institute make you into a Scholar of the 21st Century.

Islamic Law I
Usool Tafseer
Pre Renaissance Islamic History & Post Renaissance Islamic History
Islamic Law II
Usool Hadith and Hadith
Aqaa’id I – Sectarian Differences
Arabic Grammar
Islamic Law III
Aqaa’id I – Sectarian Differences
Usool Fiqh
Doara of Hadith

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